Aircraft sales

If you want to buy a plane or a helicopter, we will provide you the best solution, pricing and very easy buying process. We also advise our customers with alternatives based on customers' demand. Get new plane or helicopter in your hands or get a supply of new fleet to your company.

We help individuals as well as companies

Our range of customers is from individuals to full airlines.

We always provide the best possible solution with advices.

 Our goal is to bring the best solution at any situation.

We look forward to our cooperation.

Buy new planes fast and easy way

If you want to buy airplane, tell us which type.

We can help you find the best offer for both new and used planes.

We help securing fleets for aviation companies.

We also help our individual customers to get private jets.


Get your desired helicopter

When it comes to the helicopters, there are many types.

We help medical forces to secure helicopters with special equipment.

We can get you personal helicopter or specialized one.

With us you can always choose from various offers.


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